Friends of Poinciana Villages


Our Mission Statement:

The specific purpose for which this corporation is organized is:

To Serve As A Community Organization, Providing Support &

Guidance For Homeownersand Residents ofPoinciana Villages,

Kissimmee, Florida.

Poinciana Homeowners Launch GoFundMe Campaign
The Friends of Poinciana Villages (FOPV) Poinciana homeowners

have launched a fundraising campaign to help pay for the costs

of taking control of the Poinciana homeowners association away

from the corporate developers and giving it to the actual

homeowners who live in the community.
According to the latest U.S.Census information, Poinciana is one

of the fastest growing communities in Central Florida. Today it

has a population lar...ger than most cities in the area. Yet after 46

years the resident homeowners are unable to take away control of

their community from the developer.
The developer and the HOA continue to defy the State of Florida

ruling that could change this by filing competing court actions.

Those actions are being appealed. In Poinciana the developer

pays nothing and controls everything in local HOA

government for the community.
To fight this FOPV is in desperate need of financial help from the

homeowners and friends of the community.
They created a:
website to make it easier for people to help out. Whether it is a

dollar, ten dollars or more, every contribution will help and be greatly

This fight is not just for Poinciana but homeowners throughout the

State of Florida. Please help fight back against developer controlled

private HOAs that take advantage of Florida homeowners for the

benefit of corporate interests. With a successful combination of

legal victories and new legislation, we can return control of

Florida HOAs to the homeowners where it rightfully belongs.
Please support our cause by donating whatever you can?